Product & Service Design.

Degree Project - Industrial Design (Ba) at NCAD. 

- Winner, Products and Services category of the Universal Design Grand Challenge 2020.
- Winner, Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation award 2020.
- Shortlisted for the IDI Graduate Design Awards 2020.
- Highly Commended for the Global Undergraduate Awards.

Design for disability is assumed to be just wheelchairs and accessibility ramps, but the majority of people living in our society with diversities have invisible conditions. My final year project, Flo, focuses on designing for neurodiversity, considering how we can support people with neurodiversities and their ability to navigate the public environment.

Neurodiversity, which includes conditions like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and many more, is represented in our population by roughly 1 in 8 individuals. Where 93% of the population has invisable disabilites that are not accommodated in our built environment.

Flo is a wayfinding service that assists visitors in navigating exhibition spaces. It provides guests to the space with the ability to curate their visit to their needs. Flo is needed because the curation of exhibition spaces aren’t considerate enough of the different sensory needs of neurodiverse individuals.

Flo and the full service:

The service begins with a welcome kiosk located in the lobby, this is where you will curate your visit to your needs.

The reassurance points which are located at hot points in the gallery. These allow you to call for staff assistance, change the route you’re currently following and also to simply check in to reassure yourself that you're on the right route!

The navigation tool was designed to guide a person through the space by following the simple arrow on the front of the device. It is intended to be low visual impact compared to the abundance of signs and banners we can usually see in the gallery while also providing people with a tactile object during their visit.

The Branding of Flo.

The logo and the graphic were built around the idea of the journey the visitor will take. Building in the identity of the project to the visuals that the community will come in contact with.

Flo as a service can exist in more spaces and environments other than just galleries. Looking at places like zoo’s, shopping centres and botanical gardens. All places that have routes that need to be followed that may not be ideal for all visitors.